Information and programs that I brought back from NCTIES (North Carolina Technology in Education Society) conference:

HearBuilder is a series of educational software programs designed to help students improve their listening and memory skills. There’s a free trial

First in Math: online game

30 day free trial, ask me about a username and password.

Big Universe is a balanced literacy e-book platform, providing K-8 students and teachers, curriculum resources across subject areas.

Ask me about a code for a 30 day free trial.

Gen Z


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Intel for Teachers

Tools for Student-Centered Learning

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Technology Tools

Check out these blog posts:!/read/following/

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EmergingEdTech’s 2013 Free Education Technology Resources eBook

There’s a lot here, but if you’re looking for ideas this might be a good place to start.

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Ask a Tech Teacher

ipad-3-schoolYou’ve heard the chatter. IPads have become the go-to literacy tool for authentic learning in the K-8 classroom, the one that says ‘Our program is cutting edge, up-to-date, inquiry-driven‘. Students want to use them, want to share and collaborate on them, and will follow almost any rules if it means they get that tablet in their hands.

The problem with the iPad as with the internet is: TMI–too much information. There are tens of thousands of apps, each proclaiming itself to be the solution to all classroom problems, each promising to be the practical strategy for learning math or science or state capitals or whatever their buzz word happens to be.

How do teachers sort truth from marketing?

You evaluate the apps. It won’t take long to realize that the best share similar characteristics. They encourage organic conversation, scaffold learning, are student-centered, and inspire risk-taking on the part…

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Easiteach Websites

In looking for some answers to Easiteach questions, I found this web page that has written tutorials for widgets:

This is where you can find helpful training videos for Easiteach:

You can sign up for webinars on Easiteach here:

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Using Easiteach

For those who do not have Easiteach, I will be coming around this week to load it.  I also wanted to remind you that Easiteach has lessons on line that you can use and modify.  Even if you don’t use those lessons, they will be helpful in giving you ideas on using Easiteach in your classroom. Go to review and download lessons.

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