Welcome to the FletcherEdTech blog.  Here I will share lots of information about educational technology tools that you can use in your classroom i.e., websites, lesson plans, links to other blogs and answers to your EdTech questions.  I hope this will help you focus  on useful resources from the vast array available on the Internet.  You will also be able to contribute to the blog and post anything you want to share.

We’re starting this year off with  professional development in educational technology.  You have your choice of workshops to attend.  Knowing that your time is precious, we have limited the number of sessions and you should have that information via email.

Throughout the year you will be offered other opportunites for tech PD as a group.  In addition, since I will be available full time, you can contact me to work with you individually on improving technology skills, or I can join your class in assisting with technology tools you’ll be using with your students.  In any case, my purpose is to help you get the most out of technology. Of course, Andrew, Kathy, Linda, and Karol will still be available, too!

I sincerely hope that together we can create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable exploring, and using, not only the hardware and software in your classroom, but all of the fabulous resources and tools that are available.  With weekly updates you will hear how other teachers are using these resources and you’re bound to get some new ideas.

I’m looking forward to this year with the new challenges and opportunities it holds.



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