Professional Development

In addition to getting professional development in technology at Fletcher to use in the classroom, as teachers you will need to obtain other CEU’s to maintain your license .  While there are classes you might be able to take here in Charlotte,  another  way to learn is online at your own pace.  Below are some websites that offer various classes that may fill your needs. Not all of them offer CEU’s, but they may provide you with information you will find useful. If you know of another source, please share with your colleagues here.

Free or Low Cost PD

The North Carolina Museum allows you to earn up to four CEUs (forty contact hours) of regular or technology credits per their online courses. Credits are awarded for each completed workshop assignment. If you do not finish a workshop, you will receive credit for the assignments you have completed.

Not so much professional development as helpful information on various classroom related topics.

PBLU will piloted several Common Core aligned Math & English/Language Arts projects with complementary 2-week online classes.  Teachers can receive PBL Teacher Certification from BIE, if they choose to complete all the necessary classes and implement the project with their students.

Lots if information about professional development in general

Glencoe/McGraw-Hill provides valuable professional development resources to secondary educators.

Educational Technology for Teaching and Learning introduces you to the approaches, methods, and procedures for the integrating not only computers but also other media into the curriculum. It’s a book that provides you with the basics you need to become a knowledgeable educator in the 21st century.  Here are some of the resources.

Professional development from Texas Instruments on using calculators.                    

Accelerate Your Career and Sharpen Skills

PBS TeacherLine’s high-quality, graduate-level courses offer PreK-12 educators online professional development in convenient, collaborative, and flexible online format.   Winner of the 2011 Ed Tech Digest Cool Tool Awards for Best PD Solution and Best  STEM Solution.          

LEARN NC online professional development lets participants work and learn at a time and location most convenient to them, while fostering a comfortable, welcoming learning community through continual communication and discussion. 

Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum from Annenberg Learner. Workshop and course resources consist of video, print, and web components.

 OK2Ask® is a series of online “snack sessions” (available both live and in archived format) for self-directed teacher professional development and exploration, courtesy of TeachersFirst’s staff.

Teachers can access free professional development at the U.S. Department of Education’s eLearning professional development web site for teachers. There are a wide variety of courses that focus on improving content knowledge and teaching skills in reading, math, and science.

The Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program provides primary source-based staff development .

The Flat Classroom® Certified Teacher course  aims to provide educators at all levels with resources and skills to  join and complete and/or design, implement and manage a global  collaborative project.

Earn CEUs or Semester Hours towards your State License Renewal, Salary Advancement or Continuing Education needs.

Online Professional Development Courses and Resources for English Teachers

Not exactly Professional Development, but great resources for teachers.




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